The next Scandinavian hit – set in the Midlands?

It took 3 years to write my book, long before Borgen et al. hit our screens. The plot of Hard change – a gripping tale of the ramifications of murder, individual choice and political decision making – could be the plot for the next big Scandinavian thing.

The popularity of series like The Killing and Borgen show that in the UK we want to know more about what happens behind the scenes, the political decisions that impact in unexpected ways on our daily lives and the complex mechanics of the system that often end up pushing otherwise sane people down the road to deadly conflict – and we’re interested not just if it’s based in Copenhagen and has subtitles. Last year Birger Larsen’s thriller, Murder, set in Nottingham was fantastic and I’m delighted the BBC has bought the 3rd series of Borgen – but how about commissioning an authentic home grown political thriller. Don’t want to get ahead of myself but maybe I’ll write the screenplay?





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