At the end of the beginning

So there’s a novel with my name on it! It’s the beautiful book I’d always hoped for, it’s amazing and I know it’s real because there are now 40 boxes of them filling our living room. It’s lovely (daunting) and helpful insulation for freezing February. The path to getting to this point has taken me about 3yrs and having got to the last page, the last sentence, the final word… there’s an ending, but I’m really glad I didn’t write “The End.”

I’m at Churchills’ “end of the beginning;” the end of the “writing the book path.” I’ve been careering down the “self-publishing path,” and now I’m seeing the epic journey ahead of “marketing the book.” I’m living with my stomach on spin cycle, in a constant state of discovery about what I don’t know – but that’s what it was like when I started writing the book. I’ve learned so much and I’ve loved every minute of it. Hope you’ll be interested in hearing more.








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